Farm Animals

Our Farm Animals

Japanese Quails

Quail chicks from our egg hatching programme,
Domestic breed of quails, they reach maturity at 6 weeks old and start to lay eggs.

Silkie Hens

Lyn, Joy and Jane. Hatched from the eggs in our egg hatching education programme, Silkies make great pets and you can benefit for their egg laying.

Miniature Donkey

Meet Tippy Teasel, a 10 year old male miniature donkey from the breeder here in WA. Teasel loves ladies and a good brush and scratch.


Ruby, is our Red Heeler. A true Aussie, an Australian Cattle Dog that has been our own original pet from a puppy, and a real gem.

Dwarf Goats

Our 3 trouble makers, Kelly (Female/Brown), Ned (Male/Cream) and Arnie (Male/Black) make up this playful trio.


Our young male Mr Spritzer came to us from a breeder in Margret River and is a real gentle, calm boy. Mr Spritzer is part of the herd with the goats and has an older companion back at the farm.

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