Our Birds

Our Rainbow Lorikeet

Squirt is a young Rainbow Lorikeet who was rescued by a bird career in Perth. Unable to be released, due to their status in the wild. Squirt now helps us to educate the public on the beauty in birds, the environment and keeping birds in captivity.


Meet Bubba our oldest member of the team.  He was hand raised by Mike and is now 21 years old.  A real character.  Cockatiels are the smallest cockatoos in the world and make great pets.

Red-tailed Black Cockatoo

Forest is our young ex pet lovely Red-Tailed Black Cockatoo. He is friendly, loves attention, playful and at times can be cheeky.  He is an ambassador to his species that are wild in our skies and a beauty to get up close to, admire his size and gentleness.


Laurel, blue and Hardy, green are two 4-year-old, happy vocal budgerigars. Budgies are the most popular pet cage birds in the world. They bring happiness with their chattering and beauty of colour in all homes. These two are ex pets from a member of the public.

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