Not Just Another Petting Zoo

“To touch, learn, have fun from ‘close encounters with animals’, leading to empathy, respect for all creatures and nature, in return, improving humans life with ‘animal therapy” .

Two former Zoo-Keepers from Perth, join forces, to start up their own ‘mobile close encounter animal experience’.

‘Animal Therapy’ for humans, experience mindfullness from our visit.


    ‘Meet the Animals’ is a Close Encounter Animal Experience which can be tailored to suit your needs.

    Are you looking for a great ‘Close Encounter Animal Experience’ that comes to you? We deliver around Perth to Albany and provide a professional, educational, encounter by touch, learn, fun experience. If you would like a variety of amazing mammals, birds and reptiles then please read on about ‘Meet the Animals.

    Option 1

    Quail Chicks/Backyard Chicks – Touch

    • Bookings – Weekly -5-day programme, deliver on a Monday collect on a Friday
    • 12 Quail chicks, in a brooder or 10 x 1-day old chicken chicks
    • Price $170.00
    • Everything provided that you need

      Option 2

      Egg Hatching – Quail Eggs or Chicken Eggs – Learn

      • Bookings – Weekly 5-day Egg Hatching Education Programme
      • Deliver on a Monday, eggs will usually hatch Monday/Tuesday, collect on a Friday
      • 12 Quail eggs, or 10 fertile chicken eggs – plus incubator and brooder
      • Price $200.00
      • Everything provided that you need

        Option 3

        Variety of Animals – Fun

        • Bookings – We deliver on a Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturdays or Sunday, with a selection of animals including, Alpaca, Miniature Goats, Chicks, Dog, Rabbit, Mice, Guinea Pig, Minature Donkey, Stick Insects, Snakes, Gobtail, Frogs, Axolotl, Budgies, Lorikeet, Cockatiel and a Red-Tailed Black Cockatoo.
        • All set up, a talk given about the animals, good pet care and some advice on how to gain work with animals.
        • 1.5 hour talk with hands on touch, learn, feel happy session
        • Price $420.00

        Option 4

        Variety of Animals – Community Hall, Touch, Learn, Fun

        • Bookings – We organise at the Community Hall near Atwell on a Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday or Saturdays/Sunday. Groups between 5 to 20 tea/coffee cake and the following:
        • All set up, a talk given about the animals we have (as in option 3 animals)
        • 1.5 hour talk with hands on touch, learn, feel happy session
        • Price $390.00

        Option 5

        Miniature Donkey

        • Bookings – Weekly – Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday or Saturdays/Sunday (public holidays can be booked)
        • 1 Miniature Donkey,
        • 45 minutes hire with handler – for events, with hands on touch, learn, feel happy session
        • Hire for special events, such as ANZAC Day, Easter, Australia Day, Christmas etc.
        • Price $300.00

        Contact Us Now!

        We look forward to hearing from you,
        please drop an email to Rhonda to make a booking:

        Or Call Mike for any further questions:

        What We do?

        After a combined 35 years of Mike and Rhonda working as qualified Senior Zoo Keepers in the animal environment and 4 years running a successful egg hatching education programme around Perth, we have joined forces to set up Meet the Animals’ that delivers a programme, perfect for therapy, education or purely for the love of having animals around you. 

        ‘Meet the Animals’, is extremely suitable for visits to Aged Care, Mental Health Care, Rehabilitation Centres, Child Care Centres, Special Needs Schools, Local Libraries, Vacation Care, Birthday Parties, Fundraising or any organization or person that requires stimulation, or any kind of mental stress relief by Animal Therapy.  

        We will be delivering a 5-day egg hatching education programme with a difference by using small quail egg, producing small very appealing quail chicks or we can also provide the back yard chook eggs, which you can keep 2 to 4 chicks for your own garden. 

        Want to get your kids off the computer and outside, and give them some responsibilities?  You can do this with animals.  We offer some advice on which pet is suitable for your family.

        Meet the Animals’ will cover good pet care,  advice on working with animals through volunteer work in the animal industry and a fun exciting experience. All delivered by two qualified, knowledgeable, experience people in their field that enjoy delivering this programme to people, to gain, respect, empathy for all creatures on this planet.

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