Not Just Another Petting Zoo

“To touch, learn, have fun from ‘close encounters with animals’, leading to empathy, respect for all creatures and nature, in return, improving humans life with ‘animal therapy” .

Two former Zoo-Keepers from Perth, join forces, to start up their own ‘mobile close encounter animal experience’.

‘Animal Therapy’ for humans, experience some joy and mindfulness from our visit.


    ‘Meet the Animals’ is a Close Encounter Animal Experience which can be tailored to suit your needs.

    Are you looking for a great ‘Close Encounter Animal Experience’ that comes to you? We deliver around Perth to Albany and provide a professional, educational, encounter by touch, learn, fun experience. If you would like a variety of amazing mammals, birds and reptiles then please read on about ‘Meet the Animals.

    Option 1

    Variety of Animals – Fun

    • Bookings – Everyday of the week with a variety of animals including, Alpaca, Miniature Goats, Donkey, Sheep Chicks, Dog, Rabbit, Mice, Guinea Pig, Stick Insects, Snakes, Bobtail, Tree Frogs, Turtle, Lorikeet, Barn Owl, Ferrets, Crazy Crabs, Scorpion and a Red-Tailed Black Cockatoo.
    • All set up, interactive talk given about the animals, good pet care. This experience is great for work events, schools, libraries, childcare, aged care, universities and health awareness events.
    • 2 hour talk with hands on touch, learn, feel happy session.
    • Price $500.00 (Can be tailored to suit you)

    Option 2

    Home Birthday Parties

    • Bookings – Everyday of the week.
    • Guinea Pigs, Rabbits, Mice, Snakes, Bobtails, Tree Frogs, Stick Insects, Crazy Crab, Turtle, Scorpion, Chicks, Lorikeet, Red-Tailed Black Cockatoo, Barn Owl, Goat, Lamb, Friendly Cattle Dog and Ferret
    • Supervised Interaction (1.5 Hours)
    • Price $360.00

    Option 3

    Pre Booked Private Farm Visit

    • Come and see all of our animals in a relaxed hobby farm environment for a close encounter animal experience. Stroll with over 15 species of animals to see plus a cuppa and cake at the end, this is ideal for families, photographers, animal lovers etc 
    • Supervised Interaction -1 Hour/ Max 4 people
    • Price $150.00
    Farm Visit

    . Option 4

    Variety of Animals – Community Hall, Touch, Learn, Fun

    • If you don’t have a venue for a large booking we can help, we can organise the local Community Hall near Wandi.
    • All set up, with tea, cake and talk given about the animals we have as listed in Option 1.
    • 2 hours talk with hands on touch, learn, feel happy session.
    • Ideal for clubs, special events and fundraising
    • Price $420.00

    Option 5

    Quail Chicks/Backyard Chicks – Touch

    • Bookings – Weekly -5-day programme, deliver on a Monday collect on a Friday.
    • 12 Quail chicks, in a brooder or 10 x 1-day old chicken chicks.
    • Everything provided that you need.
    • Price $175

      Option 6

      Egg Hatching – Quail Eggs or Chicken Eggs – Learn

      • Bookings – Weekly 5-day Egg Hatching Education Programme.
      • Deliver on a Monday, eggs will usually hatch Monday/Tuesday, collect on a Friday.
      • 12 Quail eggs, or 10 fertile chicken eggs – plus incubator and brooder.
      • Everything provided that you need.
      • Price $215.00

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        please drop an email to Rhonda to make a booking:

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          What We do?

          After a combined 35 years of Mike and Rhonda working as qualified Senior Zoo Keepers in the animal environment and 4 years running a successful egg hatching education programme around Perth, we have joined forces to set up Meet the Animals’ that delivers a programme, perfect for therapy, education or purely for the love of having animals around you. 

          ‘Meet the Animals’, is extremely suitable for visits to Aged Care, Mental Health Care, Rehabilitation Centres, Child Care Centres, Special Needs Schools, Local Libraries, Vacation Care, Birthday Parties, Fundraising or any organization or person that requires stimulation, or any kind of mental stress relief by Animal Therapy.  

          We will be delivering a 5-day egg hatching education programme with a difference by using small quail egg, producing small very appealing quail chicks or we can also provide the back yard chook eggs, which you can keep 2 to 4 chicks for your own garden. 

          Want to get your kids off the computer and outside, and give them some responsibilities?  You can do this with animals.  We offer some advice on which pet is suitable for your family.

          Meet the Animals’ will cover good pet care,  advice on working with animals through volunteer work in the animal industry and a fun exciting experience. All delivered by two qualified, knowledgeable, experience people in their field that enjoy delivering this programme to people, to gain, respect, empathy for all creatures on this planet.

          Maryveth Perez
          Maryveth Perez
          4. November, 2020.
          By far the best experience I've had with animals in my life ! Both Rhonda and Mike went above and beyond during our visit. Each animal was introduced with a name and background on acquisition, along with an interactive encounter. Birds reptiles mammals , the list goes on!! The most positive part was seeing how genuinely loved the animals were, great atmosphere upon meeting each and every one of them . Will definitely be back soon and highly recommend to all family and friends 🙂
          Andrei Janca
          Andrei Janca
          4. November, 2020.
          I was a very lucky and happy Birthday boy who had experienced an amazing birthday gift! I got to go to Meet the Animals! This has to be one of the best animal petting experiences in my life. Cuddly animal farm is no where near as good as this place. Some of the things that really impressed me was how warm, kind, friendly and fun Mike and Rhonda were, how they value both the welfare of animals (they promoted that the animals were not over 'petted' or put under too much stress) and what great use these beautiful animals can be as a form of therapy for dementia patients, special needs and anyone really. I learned so many new things from Mike and Rhonda (both with extensive animal experience - zoo keepers etc), as well as had an exclusive 1 on 1 experience with each animal...I don't even know what animal they didn't have, I saw: A donkey (my favorite), dogs, llamas, chickens, snakes, stick insects, black cockatoos, barn owl (amazing), horse (very majestic), sheep, goats, ferrets, turkeys, frogs....and more! Definitely coming again, and recommending to all my friends! Thanks again for making my 30th one of the most memorable experiences thus far in my life!!!!! Andrei 🙂
          Ruth Campbell-HIcks
          Ruth Campbell-HIcks
          28. October, 2020.
          They were fabulous. Loads of animals, very interactive for the kids, well informed. Highly recommended
          Patrick Ryan
          Patrick Ryan
          27. October, 2020.
          The boys loved it. Highly recommend
          Evan Cvitkovic
          Evan Cvitkovic
          26. October, 2020.
          Animals are very relaxed and friendly. The owners are very knowledgeable and you can tell they really care about the well being of their animals. I wasnt allowed to hold the scorpion but got kissed by a cockatoo and a python so overall great experience
          Alison Peake
          Alison Peake
          7. October, 2020.
          Many thanks to Mike and Rhonda for making our works Family Day such fun. The variety of animals they brought was amazing, from frogs and snakes to mice and a donkey. The fact that we were encouraged to handle the animals was great, and combined with the educational aspect I would highly recommend the whole experience.
          Cara Samski
          Cara Samski
          30. July, 2020.
          I hung out with meet the animals on Australia Day it was so much fun! All the little ones lined up to hold a goanna or a little snake. Heaps of native species, birds, frogs, all sorts. Each person is drawn to a different animal and can hold and learn more about them. A wonderful experience for all! Highly recommend booking them for any occasion for anyone not only children, adults too💟
          C Light
          C Light
          3. June, 2020.
          Cannot recommend Meet The Animals highly enough! Certainly not the same as every other petting zoo that's for sure, they provide a fresh take on conservation (run by 2 former Zoo keepers) while making the experience, professional, fun and safe for children and adults alike. They had a great range of animals at the event, both farm animals and Australian Fauna, the Cockatoo's and Snakes were a big hit! Despite the kids being exceptionally excited by the animals they kept everything under control and made sure the animals were relaxed during the interaction and made it a very enjoyable experience. They had a lot of emphasis on conservation, pet management and care as well as the use of animals as therapy for mental health and stress relief which I thought was a very unique approach and was well received. Would definitely recommend them for any parties or events 🙂
          16. March, 2020.
          Had a great time meeting the animals of Mike and Rhonda's mobile petting zoo! You could tell that they genuinely love their animals and their experience with them shows in the way they handle them. I recommend these guys if you are looking for a professional yet fun and relaxed experience 🙂

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